About Us

The Story Behind the Brand

How it All Started

Traveling from England over 45 years ago, I couldn’t imagine the beauty that awaited me. The pristine clear waters of the Bahamas, and the welcoming friendly Bahamian people.  With my first dip, I was lured into the warm turquoise sea, and discovered the magic that laid therein.

My initial snorkeling experience afforded me the opportunity to observe the diversity of sea life that I was unaware existed. Breathtaking coral reefs home to communities of sea creatures. Witnessing something amazing with each dive was a privilege.


The Road to Inspiration

As a designer and jeweler my designs were greatly influenced by the details observed from a variety of sea life.   My creations took on a deeper meaning, knowing nature’s beauty is always with us and should be appreciated, people needed to know.

Challenges to Opportunities

Once the details for the designs were certain, lack of modern tools and equipment to achieve the job presented many challenges. This led to creating my initial pieces by hand.

To make the connection with each species, regardless of the size or time involved, giving attention to crafting even the most minute details was critical.

A Time to Grow

My vision began to take shape and became a reality through a tiny workshop in the Bahamas.

Demand for the products became overwhelming and making individual pieces by hand was no longer viable. A highly skilled team of individuals was assembled using modern technology such as 3D imaging and printing, along with a strict quality control supply chain.  Our processing time for “Bahama Jewels” pieces output was greatly reduced, enabling us to offer them through various selling mediums at affordable prices.  

Own a piece of paradise...